How to Have a Healthy Relationship with the Types in Human Design 

Lilly Markova
18 Nov, 2021

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with the Types in Human Design 



How to have a healthy relationship with a Manifesting Generator 


To be a Manifesting Generator is a pure adventure. It is even more exciting to be in a relationship with one. You will never be bored and you will always be amazed by how much energy they have to do things. The Manifesting Generators have a huge spark for life especially when they are doing what they love. Even if they are not lightened up by what they do, they have this inner power to carry on and make things happen. However, if they are not doing what they love they may be easily irritated and angered. Give your MG a little bit of space, intrigue them with new and exciting endeavors and you will have the most fulfilling relationship.

It is best to:

  • Accept their fast-going nature and the never-ending energy flow;
  • Encourage all their desires and plans no matter how unsustainable they may be;
  • Be spontaneous and excite them with new things;
  • Give them time to rest and relax. It is vital for them to sleep enough;
  • Ask them specific “Yes/No” questions. (example: Don’t ask them if they want to eat but if they want to eat McDonald’s or Pizza Hut) in this way, they could get in touch with their sacral response more easily;
  • Don’t try to keep up with their pace but rather support them in all their endeavors and plans. Their plans may skip some steps but it is just who they are.



How to have a healthy relationship with a Reflector


Reflectors. Those are the rarest people of all. If you happen to be in a relationship with a reflector you have a unicorn next to you. The reflector will always be a mirror of your own energy and whatever you put in the relationship this is what you are going to get in return. This is why you have to be very mindful of how you interact with your partner. You have to be very gentle and subtle in your communication and behavior. The reflector needs more time than any other type and this has to be valued by the people around them.

It is best to:

  • Give them time and not rush them to make decisions;
  • Observe how they change and use that as a reflection of your current state;
  • They will multiply the energy you put in the relationship so be wise how you act;
  • Make room for them to speak up their mind and listen without giving any specific advice;
  • Appreciate their need to be on their own and give them that space;
  • Ask them for advice and invite them to be with you;
  • Do not expect them to be initiators or to lead the relationship;



How to have a healthy relationship with a Projector


Those are some of the most understanding partners of all 5 types. Projectors are always in a very deep connection with you especially when you are one on one with them. You just really have to take care of them and their differences. Invite them to share their wisdom with you and assist them with the physical activities. Also, make sure not to push them to act as an initiator. They are not here to be a hard force like the Manifestors but rather to be gentle guidance for those around them.

It is best to:

  • Include them in your projects, so they can feel recognized;
  • Tell them how much you appreciate them;
  • Listen closely to them when they speak to you;
  • Ask them for advice;
  • Invite them to be with you and to do things together;
  • Help them with the physical activities even if they haven’t asked;
  • Don’t expect them to be an initiator. 


How to have a healthy relationship with a Generator


Generators are the life force of the world so for them to be satisfied and happy from their relationships is crucial. If you happen to have a generator as a partner please make sure that you truly cherish and care for their sacral energy. The sacral represents the birth energy of everything we know. Without the generator’s energy, we wouldn’t exist and we most probably wouldn’t even evolve and grow. Ask them what they want but give them options to choose from. Make sure that they are well satisfied with what they do. Give them more sensational experiences that satisfy the 5 senses, this will increase their energy and thus well-being.

It is best to:

  • Give them time to recharge their batteries by sleeping or relaxing. Without proper rest, they won’t be able to connect with you fully.
  • Ask them “Yes/No” questions rather than forcing them to do something.
  • Understand the peaks and the lows of energy they have.
  • Don’t rush them to work faster but give them time to have steady and gradual progress. Step by step they can achieve very strong and stable foundations. The same applies to the relationship;
  • Give them something physical to do, so they can exhaust their energy every day. If they don’t put their sacral energy into something physical they like they may become frustrated or even irritated.


How to Have a Healthy Relationship with a Manifestor


Relationships are one of the seven mirrors where we meet ourselves. This third mirror of relationships serves us to see what we have within and what we need to develop and accept to further evolve our spirit and soul. When we meet a manifestor and we engage in a union with him we invite a very strong presence in our lives. The aura of the manifestor is so powerful that it is able to move you beyond your wildest dreams. All manifestors have the ability to push your buttons so well that you have no other choice but to unleash your full potential. This is the reason why it is so valuable to know how to approach their aura correctly and to have a balanced way of interaction. Here you can find very useful tips on how to navigate yourself in a potential relationship with a manifestor. 

It is best to:

  • Encourage all their spontaneous ideas, no matter how short-lived they are;
  • Inform them of your intentions and feelings so they can follow the same example with you;
  • Share your fears and vulnerabilities with them:
  • Wait for them to set the pace of the relationship and don’t rush them to make things they don’t want;
  • Don’t ask them to open up when you see them closed. 

Author: Lilly Markova

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