Building Confidence in Your Generator Kid 

Lilly Markova
18 Nov, 2021

Building Confidence in Your Generator Kid 


The most important aspect of your child’s human design chart is his strategy and authority. Тhis will shape your fundamental approach to him or her. Let’s be honest, even if you are completely aware of your child’s design and uniqueness, you can’t entirely avoid what he or she may encounter later in life, but at least you could make sure that the core foundation in his character is in alignment with his/her purpose.

How the strategy and authority of Generators can build up their confidence and later on in life success is what I am going to discuss now in more detail and examples. When you ask your child concrete questions with “yes” and “no” answers you build up his own awareness and you literally integrate into his subconscious mind that he is capable enough to lead his own life and make his own decisions correctly.  Don’t you want your kid to grow as a confident person who knows how to make decisions rather than have insecurities about what is right and wrong?

When you give freedom to your child to play when he wants to play, to eat when he feels the need for that, or let him just express all his uniqueness, without judgment, he would be more in tune with his own authority. If you form your questions more specifically like “ Do you want to go out and play with Smith”, you give him details to form an answer as well as the freedom to say “yes” or “no”.

Another thing that could be very frustrating for generators is to make them sleep when they haven’t yet burned out all their energy. If your kid simply does not want to sleep, avoid forcing him to do that. His biological clock is far wiser and knows exactly when to rest and be active. Also, if he skips the nap time during lunch it is more likely for your beloved one to go to bed early at night.

Just remember how freeing it was to be a kid and to love everything you were doing and be so in tune with your feelings and desires. If you manage to keep that in your child he would be not only a confident independent person but he would also be forever grateful to you and all your unique love and understanding.

Author: Lilly Markova

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