Tips for your eating style | Determination

Lilly Markova
7 Jan, 2022

Tips for your eating style | Determination

Knowing your eating style can make wonders for your diet but not only. The way your body is meant to absorb nutritions is also the way you consume energy most naturally and easily. Energy is everything that we put in our bodies, such as information, people, or anything that feeds our vehicle.

We all want to be healthy and strong but there is no single solution that fits everyone. This is why human design is so unique. There are no two designs that are the same so this means that no two diets could be shaped the exact same way.

Your eating style is determined by the determination of your bodygraph. You can see that in any software which gives advanced information about the human design chart. There are 12 eating styles and 6 base tones that determine them. The first 3 tones are focused on the condition of the food rather than the environment. The next 3 tones are focused on the outside circumstances more than the food itself.

Here are the 12 Eating styles

Consecutive | Appetite 1

Do not leave yourself too hungry. Eat regularly and do not starve. Your plate should be very simple with one or two ingredients maximum (only potatoes or rise with tomatoes on the side). Eating one thing at a time, for example first the broccoli then the rise. After you finish the first ingredient you go to the next. When you put the food in your mouth your receptors should be able to identify what is the exact ingredient your body will be digesting. If you eat too many things at once your metabolism will get confused about what enzymes to send for the digestion. Eat the ingredients one after the other without mixing them.

Alternating | Appetite 1

Eat only when you are really hungry, even if that means only once a day. Your metabolism will be stimulated when you eat one thing at a time and do not mix too many things at one bite. You can eat in big quantities but only when the ingredients are very few and you eat them one after the other. (ex. one bite potato then one bite tomato).

Open | Taste 2

You have a strong inner knowing about what food you like or don’t like. Choose your meals based on your inner wisdom. Be open to seasonal foods and try new things only when they feel right. Local foods could be good for you. If it doesn’t taste good, it won’t be healthy for you, even if it is considered otherwise. Follow the taste you have in your mouth even before you eat something.

Closed | Taste 2

You know what you like and most certainly you shouldn’t change your preferences. You may have very “boring” eating habits but this is what sparks your metabolism. Choosing the same meals from the same restaurants is good for you. Cooking the same 5 meals you have always cooked is what is good for you. Do not try new foods, especially if you do not feel the inner calling for that. Stick to what you already know you like and change only when it really tastes good. If you have the feeling in your mouth that it is not tasty it won’t be healthy for you to eat it. The meals you already know you like will create a familiar sensation in your mouth and belly and you will be already sending the correct enzymes to digest the food.

Hot | Thirst 3

The food you eat must be hot or at least hotter than your body’s temperature. When you drink also choose hotter beverages. Soups and teas are good for you. Also, the ingredients that are spicier are also considered hot and they may fasten your metabolism as well, add them to your meals.

Cold | Thirst 3

Your digestion works best when the food you eat is cold. Your drinks must also be cold, tea and hot coffee are not advisable. Add cold spices to your meal like mint. Those flavors will create a cold feeling in your body. Salads are good for you because they are cold.

Calm | Touch 4

Try to take deep breaths while you eat. Eat as slowly as possible and only when you have enough time for that. Do not do it in a rush. Finish your tasks first and then eat. Choose calm surroundings that bring out peace. Make sure you are comfortably seated.

Nervous | Touch 4

Eat while you are on the go. Do it fast and don’t spend too much time at the table. Your metabolism works when you are active. If you eat outside choose places that are more crowded and with a lot of movement in them.

High | Sound 5

The sounds you hear while eating stimulate your digestion. It would be good to have high music frequency around you when you have your meals. This will boost your metabolism and will make digestion easier. Listening to music, television or anything else that has high sound is good for you. Noisy environments would be somehow better for you. You accept information better from people who have high voices.

Low | Sound 5

To have a fast metabolism you must choose a more quiet surrounding where there is low sound. Low, easy, and calming music would ease your digestion. Meditative music could affect your meals greatly. Also, you accept information better from people who have lower voices.

Direct | Light 6

Your metabolism works best during the light part of the day. When the sun sets your digestion gets slower. It is advisable to avoid eating dinner later at night or if you have dinner late try to have as much light around you as possible. During winter you can take UV health lamps that will help you feel better and have a faster metabolism. Schedule your meals from early morning until the first dark hours of the day. In this way, you will start early and finish early.

Indirect | Light 6

During the dark hours of the day, your metabolism works better. Having a late big dinner would be good for you because you will digest the food while sleeping. The next day you will be charged with energy and you will need food later in the day or even better when the sun starts to set. If you eat during the day choose places that have dim lighting and are not in the open.


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