Human Design Partnership Analysis

200 € 2 hours

This analysis gives you a perspective on both of your charts and how they interact. 

This meeting is suitable for you if:

  • You want to deepen your intimate relationship;
  • You are looking for greater understanding and connection;
  • You have difficulty in connecting with someone and you want to know how to approach this situation best.
The relationships we have with the people around us is what shapes and builds our character. This is why it is so important to nurture our lives with positive and harmonious relationships. Compatibility and attraction are very different concepts. What attracts us the most is what we have to understand and develop within us. Compatibility, on the other hand, is something that we can build. Through Human Design we have a chance to create greater harmony and love in any relationship.

We will cover:

  • General compatibility and connection
  • Roles
  • Strategy and Authority
  • Profiles and their compatibility
  • Centers
  • Channels
  • Gates
  • Potential aspects for conflict and how to resolve them
  • Fears
  • Traumas in the open centers
  • Intimacy and sexuality (only for intimate partners)
  • Incarnation crosses and their compatibility
  • Nutrition and Environment
  • Health and body characteristics
  • Motivation and Trajectory
  • Useful practices and examples
My work as an analyst and consultant is the most satisfying endeavor because my clients are:
  • Enthusiastic to unlock their innermost potential.
  • Ready to turn around their lives and allow joy and success to settle comfortably with them
  • Open to say “Yes” to a lighter, harmonious and happier life.
  • Realizing that every soul has come here with a specific mission and purpose.
  • Are ready to embrace new knowledge and wisdom
  • Highly spiritual and positive people
Together with you, we will achieve enviable results both in your personal and professional life. Our joint work will mark the beginning of many big changes happening for you. Even more, after our session is over:
  • You will release long-term traumas and unhealthy beliefs
  • You will be charged with positive energy for your future
  • You will open your heart for the divine love
  • You will find your unique path for success and prosperity
  • You will learn how to attract and sustain healthy relationships
  • You will realize your own potential and limitlessness
Thank you for choosing me to be your guide for this incredible journey you have embarked on!

Discover your human design and find your true purpose