Additional Human Design session

90 € 1 hour

Only for clients who have had The Comprehensive Human Design Analysis.


The program is uniquely created to help you practically implement the Human Design system through the tools of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) coaching and psychology. The focus of this program is deconditioning. We start this journey with a thorough assessment of your current situation and goals. Through this assessment, we will determine a comfortable pace for your learning style and implementation process.
We will start by deepening your relationship with the inner voice of the wisdom that you inherently have. As you already know your Strategy and Authority, we will just form practical exercises for you that will help you navigate through every situation that you meet along the way.
The next part of the program is the most chalenging one. Here you are meeting your shadow and challenging long repeated patterns. The deconditioning of the open centers is helping you connect with your true energy and potential.
The practical tools that you are going to receive aim to help you live the easy and harmonious life you were born to have. Of course, change does not happen in a day or two. This is why this program is covered in at least 3 months with a session each week. The techniques I use are very light and easy to apply. The only thing that is required for the program to work is your full dedication and sincere intention for change and growth.

What else you can find in the program

  • Meeting your karmic lessons;
  • Understanding your path, mission, and purpose in life;
  • Opening up to the world and the pleasure of life;
  • Finding the key to fulfilling and intimate relationships;
  • Professional orientation;

Discover your human design and find your true purpose