Pre-Recorded Human Design Audio Analysis

80 € 40′  

This analysis is excellent for you if you want to receive concise and thorough information about your human design chart.


 You will receive your audio recording by email on the day you select from the calendar. I strongly encourage you to ask as many questions as you want and especially about the things that are most important to you right now. If you have any troubles do not hesitate to mention them. I will address everything on the recording. 

The Human Design analysis is for you if you want to know yourself better and understand your soul mechanics. You can use this knowledge to improve your health, personal relationships, and career. Even more, you can understand which is your unique healing journey from long-suppressed issues like panic attacks, depression, low energy levels, and repeated cycles. Here you will find the answers as well as the guidelines for dealing with these problems.

What is included in the recording?

  • What is the core Energy you are born with?
  • What is your Role and Mission in this life?
  • Your energy centers and the lessons you have to learn from them. Trauma + Healing Journey 
  • Channels and gates, and what is the Superpower you are born with?
  • What is your Mission determined by the incarnation cross?
  • What makes you Healthy and how to Eat based on your design?
  • What Motivates you?
  • What is Your Soul’s Trajectory?

Discover your human design and find your true purpose