Additional Session for Partners

100 € 2 h

Only for clients who have had the full Human Design Couple Analysis


These meetings are designed to help you practically implement the knowledge you have already had from the full couple analysis. Here we are working to turn the flaws of the relationship into its biggest assets. Both of you are going to find a new way to understand and love each other. Our goal is to reach greater intimacy and harmony in the relationship.
Through my career as an NLP expert and Human Design analyst, I have created very simple tools and techniques that help people clean their negative beliefs and repetitive models of behavior. If you feel like the knowledge from the Human Design analysis is not enough for you to understand why there are still some difficulties in the relationship, these sessions are for you. We will find the base foundation of the issues that arise and what is the best approach to solve them. You will leave these sessions with a new and solid base where you both can build the dream life you know you deserve.

You receive

  • Balance and harmony in the union;
  • Practical tools for resolving problems;
  • Coaching practices to find the best solutions;
  • Greater intimacy and understanding of each other.

Discover your human design and find your true purpose