About us

About us

4Human Design

Human Design is my greatest passion that I have been entirely immersed in during the last few years. I felt the need to combine my human design experience and personal discoveries. As a result, I created 4 Human Design – a passion project that aims at shedding the social conditioning that we all have been victims of for hundreds of years. But now is the time for humanity to turn to its true nature. Our potential is divine and thus we are all different and unique. 4 Human Design is a place where you will receive concrete guidelines and tools for your particular design to live the extraordinary life you were born to have.

About us

About Lilly

Welcome to my little world where anything is possible! I have gone through many emotional and physical challenges while finding and achieving all that I value so much in my life now. I am privileged to have been raised in a wonderful and fruitful environment, and yet society’s norms have left a mark on me. I have struggled for 10 years with insomnia, 5 years with an eating disorder and serious health problems, 2 years with panic attacks, and 1 year with depression. All of this culminated when I discovered human design. I was at my worst when the Universe just sent me its help in the form of this knowledge. I was never so brave as to dream that I could do something I love so much. When I began to dive deeper into Human Design, it was just a passion for me, which I intended to share only with friends and family. But when something is so strongly connected to you, the whole universe starts to guide you in this direction.


My love for human design grows with my experience and experimentation. Not a single day goes by without me learning something new. Only by staying hungry for more, I can keep my mind sharp and focused. I do not take everything for granted and I would always question the books until I try it all on my own. This is just how the third line works.

About us

About my education and experience

I took my bachelor’s degree in Business Finance from Sheffield University, The international faculty of CITY College. After that, I continued my education at the Official Richard Bandler School where I completed the entire training course and took my accreditation as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) expert and coach. For 2 more years, I managed to gain experience as a project manager in the field of information technology.


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